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Welcome to Serving Justice Investigations & Process Services


With Integrity and Customer Service 


With decades of law enforcement experience coupled with years of expert training and state of the art equipment, our private investigators will work diligently to uncover the truth and will ensure that you are kept well informed on the progress of the investigation.

We document our independent investigations by various methods - photographs, video, evidence collection, and written reports. When the required interviews are transcribed for easy clarification for court. When needed, our detectives are available for depositions and court appearances.

When you're ready to hire a private investigator, we are discrete, licensed, and insured premier service private investigation agency. We are in business to solve your problems quickly and quietly with Integrity and Customer Service. 

Our servi​ce of process is supported by our robust legal and investigative experience, making process service in Maryland a breeze. Serving Justice​ Process Service & Investigations has the knowledge, experience, and tools for effective investigations and service of process. Give us a call to get started!.



4-7 days


Priority Service 1-3 days





Same Day


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